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Equitable Development Scorecard


What is it?

The Equitable Development Scorecard (click here for the basic scorecard) outlines our neighborhood's priorities, goals, and values when new developments move in. We will score each proposal to ensure that the plans fit with our goals of keeping housing dignified and affordable, keeping jobs local, and keeping our neighborhood healthy, safe and equitable for everyone who lives here now. We are building community power through a collective voice to ensure that development benefits the community that built it. 

Why is it important?

The West Side neighborhood has historically been marginalized (click here for proof) and our voices have not been heard. With the Equitable Development Scorecard we give ourselves a way to ensure that our neighborhood develops in a way that is good for our community, by giving us a seat at the decision making table. 

How will it be used?

The scorecard will be added to our District Council 10 year plan at City Hall. By having city buy-in, anytime someone files a development proposal for our area they will have to come to our community and be scored through our adapted scorecard to ensure that their development plans fits with the agreed goals, priorities, and values of the West Side community. We will use our collective voice in the decision making process, ensuring that the community benefits from any and all developments. 


Want to get involved? Contact WSCO at info@wsco.org. 

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