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2018 Spring Fund Drive

At WSCO, we envision a just, united, self-reliant and bold West Side. A community where all people can feel connected, safe, and be healthy and successful. We believe in the creativity and the power of our residents and partners in preserving and transforming the spaces we live in. We believe in a West Side whose people are organized, and ready to actively shape the civic, social and economic vitality of our own community.

And we need your help to make this vision a reality. If you live, work, or play on the West Side, please consider a donation to The West Side Community Organization (WSCO). Ours is the only organization on the West Side that is powered by the people for the people. Your support will help us launch and maintain community-focused programs and crucial neighborhood resources, including:

  • West Side Action to Equity (launched 2017): Based on our own equitable development scorecard – built on West Side priorities and values – this program ensures that every incoming development on the West Side benefits our residents.
  • Our Streets, Our Stories will bring a complete corridor refresh to our three main economic corridors: Cesar Chavez, Stryker, and Smith Ave. This community-led corridor identity branding initiative will lift up our unique West Side stories through artist-led community engagement.
  • In 2017 WSCO became one of two locations in our community to get help filing a formal Police Complaint.
  • This year WSCO will train a diverse group of women leaders from across the West Side to emerge into a range of leadership positions and opportunities throughout our community – and beyond.
  • This year the WSCO Health & Environmental Justice team will work with residents in the South Port community to develop an emergency evacuation plan.


40 years ago, WSCO began as a group of community members banded together to organize around keeping Humboldt High School open – the only High School in our community at the time – and fighting for health and environmental justice. After seeing the successes that are possible when people work together to raise up their voices, the city of St. Paul asked WSCO to be the first of 17 District Councils. 

Today, we face new struggles and new opportunities. Help us to continue our work to organize and raise up the voices of the people in our community and to build a safe, just and beautiful West Side for all! Donate today.

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