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Our Work

Current Initiatives

WS Action to Equity is a three part series of trainings and workshops that will result in a Equitable Development Scorecard that will ensure that future development on the West Side meet a community created set of principles and values.  Contact info@wsco.org


West Side Rising is an initiative of commercial corridor branding for four streets on the West Side: Cesar Chavez, Robert, Stryker and Smith.  This aims to created a sense of place and community with direction being led by residents of the West Side.  Please look for more information and event dates soon. Contact info@wsco.org  


Standing Committees

Residents lead committees, with support from WSCO board & staff.No RSVP Required. All are welcome to attend. Agenda and minutes available.Contact info@wsco.org  or simply attend a meeting!All meetings are held monthly, on the day indicated below, from 6:30-8pm at The Baker Center: 209 Page Street West 55107

WSCO Committees: