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Indigenous Women & Women of Color Table


February 15th WSCO kicked off its first West Side Indigenous Women and Women of Color (IWWOC) table. A monthly gathering space for IWWOC. The purpose of the West Side IWWOC table is to provide the necessary tools of leadership support, strengthening, and training. WSCO is creating a sacred space of ritual for the systemic advancement of IWWOC. This is not only space for leadership development on the West Side, City of St. Paul, and the region, it’s also a space where we actively demolish the dominant narrative and replace it with our lived truths and realities of West Side IWWOC. WSCO will host monthly dinners to build connection, community and the culture of a collective, and provide trainings in leadership development. All gatherings will center around healing justice and be trauma informed.

Are you an IWWOC? Are you interested in joining our next dinner? It’s March 15th at 6PM - location TBD.

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Email bahiehh@wsco.org for more information