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Public Statements & Resolutions

Below is a list of recent public statements, resolutions, and supporting information released by WSCO. 


Saint Paul Police Department:  Response to Resistance or Aggression (Use of Force Policy)  Link to SPPD Webpage


3/21/2018 - WSCO Letter to Mayor Carter, Chief Axtell, and City Council Members.

Supporting Documents 

10 Critical Steps for SPPD Draft Use of Force Policy - Drafted from Community Feedback

SPPD Use of Deadly Force Initial Analysis

Articles and Media

3/21/2018 - St. Paul PD releases new use-of-force policy; critics say restrictions don’t go far enough

2/28/2018 - Proposed St. Paul police use-of-force policy changes fall short, some say

1/29/2018 - St. Paul police propose major changes to use-of-force policy


Saint Paul Police Department: Public Safety Training Center   Link to SPPD Webpage


11/17/2017 - WSCO Resolution regarding the new Richard H. Rowan Public Safety Training Center

11/22/2017 - Response from Chief Axtell

Articles and Media

10/31/2017 - At St. Paul’s new $18M police training site: shoot/don’t-shoot tests but also de-escalation


WSCO Statement on Immigration


Con las discusiones en las noticias de construyendo muros, y órdenes, y redadas que discrimen y separan, nosotros en WSCO sentimos la necesidad a reiterar nuestra visión. Visualizamos una West Side justa, unida, independiente, y valiente donde toda nuestra gente está conectada, segura, saludable, y exitosa. Por mucho tiempo, el West Side ha sido una comunidad que ha extendido una bienvenida a inmigrantes y continuamos creyendo fuertemente que las comunidades que valoran a toda su gente construyen una sociedad mejor para todos.


With talk in the news of building walls, and orders, and raids that discriminate and separate, we at WSCO feel the need to reiterate our vision. We envision a just, united, self-reliant and bold West Side where all of our people are connected, safe, healthy and successful. The West Side has long been a place that welcomes immigrants and we continue to believe strongly that communities which value all people build a better society for everyone.