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Apply for the WSCO Board

Elections for WSCO's board of directors are happening at our Annual Meeting on Thursday, November 1st. Are you passionate about your West Side community? Would you like to serve on the WSCO board?

Learn more and apply here!

The West Side Community Organization is guided and governed by a 13-member Board of Directors. Board members must be age 16 or older and live on the West Side (or be an authorized representative for a business located on the West Side) to be eligible for our board.

This is a working board. The board meets on the fourth Monday of each month from 6:30-8pm at the Baker Center (209 Page Street West). Each board member is expected to participate in a standing committee, projects, and/or other organizing efforts. We estimate the commitment to be about seven to ten hours per month, potentially more at peak times. Please be aware of this and only apply if you are ready for this commitment.

We are looking for individuals who:
-are passionate about the West Side community
-value social/racial justice and equity
-will engage in board trainings, discussions and decisions
-will take an active interest in West Side issues
-will represent WSCO at community events
-agree to WSCO's code of conduct
-will help to strengthen the organization by bringing partnership and funding opportunities
-support WSCO's vision, mission, Strategic Action Plan, and Strategic Sieve
WSCO Vision and Mission: https://www.wsco.org/about
Strategic Action Plan and Strategic Sieve: https://www.wsco.org/guiding_documents

This year there are nine seats up for election. Five seats will be for 3-year terms, and two seats each will be for 2-year and 1-year terms. We will also be electing five persons to serve as alternates for one year. Alternates are included in board communications and may be asked to serve should a current board member need to step down during their term. Term lengths and alternate seats are filled in the order of number of votes received (i.e. the five people with the most votes serve for the 3 year terms, the next ttwo serve for the two year terms, etc)

Please complete the following questions by Thursday, October 25th, 2018. This information will be passed along to WSCO's Executive Committee and shared with the people of West Side for the election, which will take place at our annual meeting on Thursday, November 1st at the Clarence Wigington Pavilion (Harriet Island Regional Park) from 5:30- 8pm. (Note: technically you can sign-up to run in the election at the start of the annual meeting but we strongly recommend applying in advance.)

Please plan to be present at the annual meeting and arrive by 5:45pm.

Prepare a short statement (less than 2 minutes) to deliver in-person at the annual meeting. It is not required that you be present to run or speak but all candidates are offered this opportunity, and most take advantage of it.

All voting takes place AT the annual meeting -- so get the word out that you've applied and bring your West Side friends and neighbors down to the meeting to support you! Folks must be residents of the West Side and at least 16 years of age to vote in the elections.

A board orientation will be scheduled after the elections.

The 2019 WSCO board, including members elected in 2018, will vote for the 2019 Executive Team (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer at the beginning of the new year).

If you are interested in running for the 2019 Board of Directors or have questions, please get in touch with us!

2018 WSCO Chair: Craig Wilford - craigw@wsco.org
WSCO Administrator Leah Shepard leahs@wsco.org

Please fill out the application here.