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City Begins Initial Assessment of Wabasha Bluff

Wabasha Street remains closed between Plato and Cesar Chavez until further notice.

Saint Paul – The City of Saint Paul has begun work to assess the bluff and surrounding area
where a slope failure occurred on Saturday afternoon, April 28. Large pieces of rock debris from
the bluff were scattered across Wabasha Street prompting the city to close the street and evaluate
the condition of the bluff. There were no injuries or damage to private property.

Saturday evening, geologists from the Minnesota Department of Transportation conducted a
preliminary assessment. Today, the city has hired Itasca Consulting to complete a full assessment
of the bluff at that location. Itasca will recommend an action plan to address:
- Any immediate safety concerns;
- Next steps for remediation and clean up; and
- Future long-term mitigation efforts.
Saint Paul Public Works is contracting with a firm to conduct a survey to accurately map the face
of the bluff. This survey will take several days. Based on the results of the survey and additional
assessments, the city expects to have an action plan at the end of the week.
Over the next days the city will install additional detour signs for vehicles and pedestrians and
install additional fencing to secure the area.
City officials are asking the public to keep clear of the area and plan alternative walking and
driving routes until further notice.
For more information and updates, please visit http://www.stpaul.gov/news