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Riverfront Development and Land Use

The Riverfront Development and Land Use committee meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the WSCO office at the Baker Community Center on 209 Page St W.  For further information about this committee, please contact the committee chair Kareem Smith, kareems@wsco.org, or WSCO staff, info@wsco.org.


We focus on how construction, development, and building improvements have an impact on our quality of life on the West Side. We regularly make recommendations to the Zoning Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

We work to coordinate the physical development efforts on the West Side with a particular focus on the Flats and District Del Sol.  As plans move forward for the development of the West Side Flats, WSCO volunteers and staff are working with city officials and developers to ensure that new riverfront projects benefit our community. Our priorities are: creating housing (including affordable units) and access to the river from multiple places on the West Side; and ensuring the vitality of existing local businesses and the beauty and health of the Mississippi.


2018 RDLU Meeting Minutes

January 16th Minutes

February 20th Minutes


2017 RDLU Meeting Minutes:

August 15th Minutes

July - No Meeting

June 20 Minutes

May 16th Minutes

April 18th Minutes

March 21st Minutes

February 21st Minutes

January 17th Minutes