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Whats up At WSCO - August

Make your voice heard in a West Side legacy project!

WSCO is adapting the West Side Equitable Development Scorecard, a community document that needs your voice! The Equitable Development Scorecard is a tool that will answer the question, “Who benefits from any new development coming to the West Side?”. It ensures that the principles and practices of equitable development, environmental justice, and affordability are applied to our community and that plans for economic development and wealth creation benefit everyone. Make sure you have your voice reflected, review the scorecard and give your comments here! Keep an eye out for the Scorecard team out and about, in person engagement is happening through the fall.  

Learn more about the scorecard here.




Our Streets = Our Stories Update

The first phase of the corridor identity branding project, Our Streets = Our Stories, has come to a close! We want to thank every single person that come to one of our neighborhood celebrations in District del Sol, Stryker Avenue, and Smith Avenue. Your voice and input was powerful and valuable! We have now moved into the second phase of the project, where local artist will take your stories, drawings, and artwork to create vision boards showing their concepts of the possibilities for each corridor. You will be able to vote on each piece at our Annual Meeting happening the evening of November 1st at the Harriet Island Pavilion! Save the date! 

If you are a visual artist and would like to be involved in this effort please contact monica@wsco.org



We are excited to share that WS100, an initiative to bring 100% Voter Participation and awareness on the West Side, is back for 2018! This is a NON PARTISAN VOTER ENGAGEMENT effort,making sure that folks are registered and know where to vote this year. This is an initiative through WSCO to make certain our residents are informed and prepared to vote this November election.  If you would like to participate in the effort please come to one of the meetings and/ or door knocking opportunities:

September 6 at 6PM - WS100 Committee Meeting

 Baker Center 209 Page St. W

September 16th at 6PM - Voter Community Conversation: Politics and Posole 

private address contact Bahieh for info

September 22nd from 1PM to 5PM - WS100 doorknock

private address, contact Bahieh for info


WSCO Events


September 15


Garden with your Neighbors!  The Health & Environmental Justice Committee leadership has begun bringing together neighbors to help maintain the Garden of Good Hearts. This Garden is located next to Wabasha Brewing. If you have a green thumb (or want to learn) and are interested in joining your neighbors, please contact: Ellie Leonardsmith elliel@wsco.org and/or join us at the Garden on September 15th!


September 15


Indigenous Womxn and Womxn of Color Summit. WSCO is hosting our first ever St. Paul wide Indigenous Womxn and Womxn of Color (IWWOC) summit. This summit seeks to create a healing and sacred space for the powerful voices and bodies of IWWOC of St. Paul to flex our collective muscle through connecting, storytelling, and transformative conversations. If you are an IWWOC and are interested in joining us, please check out the Facebook event and/or register here. This is a free summit, with childcare and lunch provided. If you are not a IWWOC and would like to help with childcare for the event please contact bahiehh@wsco.org.


September 18


Health & Environmental Justice (HEJ) and Riverfront Development & Land Use (RDLU) Committee Meetings.  This September HEJ and RDLU are teaming up for a double whammy evening of impact.  


November 1


The 2018 WSCO Annual Meeting will be held on the evening ofThursday,  November 1st at the Harriet Island Pavilion. Mark you calendars! Invitation mailers will be send prior to the event. 

If you are interested in running for the board this fall please contact craigw@wsco.org for information. 



Keep up-to-date with road construction:

Current Projects

 Smith Ave/ High Bridge (mnDOT)



Wabasha Street Landslide (City of St. Paul)



Future Projects

2020-2023 Robert Street Mill and Overlay (mnDOT)



In community,



If you believe your rights have been violated while interacting with law enforcement please be aware WSCO is an official site on the West Side where you can file a formal complaint with the Civilian Review Board. contact us.

Read More: https://www.wsco.org/file_a_police_misconduct_complaint